Along with being a singer-songwriter, I also delight in the challenges of pen and ink sketching, at times, toying with illusion and hidden images. Drawing inspiration from all aspects of life along Nova Scotia’s beautiful South Shore, I translate, via the pen, my observations, imagination, humour and love of nature. These original sketches have been accurately reproduced and individually signed.

About my sketches:

Another interest of mine is dabbling in pen and ink. I love this art form because it is so challenging and unforgiving. Every stroke of the pen is permanent. You can reach the end of several days of work only to ruin the piece with one slip of the pen. I get lost in creating the picture. Time has no meaning there and I “wake up” to find hours have slipped by like seconds. I call it productive meditation. I don’t do it nearly as often as I’d like as I am so involved with my music.

I have used my sketches on the covers of my CDs (it seems to be becoming a signature).

With my pen, I love to play with hidden images and meanings but also to draw from nature and scenes from my locale. Some drawings come solely from my imagination. But, no matter their source, like my songs, my sketches, too, are my babies and a part of me, whatever their inspiration.

In the past, I have given many original sketches away, as gifts to friends, without keeping copies so I have no idea how many I have produced or where they are today.

One of the most interesting occurrences in this area of my life was winning a contest for designing the logo for the South Shore Drug Dependency Clinic. Aside from the prize money and press, it was quite a thrill to see my work being used in a commercial way in advertisements, newspapers, posters, letterheads, etc.

At my musical performances, I often sell individually signed, accurately reproduced copies of my sketches, sometimes framed but, mostly, folks like to put them in the frame of their choice.

Thank you for taking your time to browse. I hope you enjoy!