When, at seven years of age, she heard her music teacher tell her mother, “I’ll teach her if you want to pay me but the child has no music in her!”, Judi felt defective. During many years of painful struggle, Judi tried to be musical like the other pupils. As a teen, she asked for a guitar but was denied because of her lack of interest in the piano. She felt she’d never find the music in her.

At thirty-two, Judi was canvassing for charity and bought a second-hand guitar a neighbour had for sale. She learned a few chords and wrote melodies and words to practice them. The experiences that followed have brought joy through a lifetime. For Judi, finding the music in her is enough and for each song, sent from the universe, like her babies, she has love and is thankful. She hopes everyone who takes the time to listen will find something meaningful to enjoy.

Judi at a glance:

  • The sixth song she wrote was “Lunenburg”, publicly praised and performed at Lunenburg’s 225th anniversary by TV personality, Noel Harrison, son of Rex
  • The Lunenburg song was used in music festivals, performed by local groups and used as a anthem by the town
  • Judi…
    • wrote about, and performed in, most all of the small towns dotting the south shore of Nova Scotia
    • performed on Tri-Town Cable Vision and CKBW radio
    • participated in Nova Scotia Summer Talent Showcase for several years
    • was chosen two years in succession to participate in the DuMaurier Search for Stars
    • recorded a 45 rpm single, “Touch Me Tender”, in 1984 which received radio airplay across Canada
    • volunteered entertainment at seniors homes and museums
    • performed at clubs, bars and private parties
    • wrote lyrics for gifted writers and musicians such as Hank Middleton, Robbie Smith, and Donnie Crosby
    • performed at festivals, variety shows, fundraisers, coffee houses and other celebrations
    • performed at children’s parties with “Bubbles the Clown”
    • wrote and performed a substitute children’s music program in the Lunenburg County schools
    • won the South Shore Festival of the Arts Songwriting Competition in 1995 with the song, “The Widow’s Walk”, available on the “By the River Broad” album
    • collaborated and performed in the duo, “The Songcrafters” with the talented singer-songwriter Robbie Smith of the “Roger Whittaker recorded his songs” fame
    • wrote, performed and recorded many songs with Robbie
    • wrote and sold radio jingles
    • recorded two Songcrafters albums with Robbie
    • performed with Songcrafters at festivals, museums, night spots and for tourist functions, as well as concerts in theatres such the Astor, the Osprey Arts Centre, the Y’Arc, and other venues along the south shore and in the Annapolis Valley, also in P.E.I. and New Brunswick
    • has recorded five albums of original music as a solo artist as well as single projects and music videos
    • had the honour of working with one of Nova Scotia’s finest and most talented producers, Tim Feswick, at Feswick Productions
    • has been played on radio stations around Nova Scotia
    • participated for many years at Harmony Bazaar festival of Women and Song in Lockeport, NS
    • enjoyed writing and performing with one of Shelburne County’s best keyboard musicians, Donnie Crosby
    • performed at functions at the Osprey Arts Centre and Astor theatre as well as the Coal Shed Festival in Yarmouth, NS
    • has valued the support of many friends and wonderful folks
    • has found peace in practice and meaning in the muse
    • has learned to accept limitations and embrace what is
    • loves to sing and share her own material from the music she found in her!

The Lunenburg song was the only “Judisong” ever transcribed to sheet music and Judi was, as an adult, able to sit again at the same piano with her childhood music teacher as she played the song her former pupil had written. The experience was bittersweet, beautiful and shared with mutual love and respect… and pride.