In time I share with you

Peace encircles me

A gentle velvet envelope

Wherein my soul succumbs

To rest and sustenance


Two children were

Perched upon the tips of see-saws

The one too high

The other brings her down

And then propels her back again

And so they play

Each upon the other on the balance



Upon which we level life

Laughter thrilling childhood years

Middle years of toil and tears

Of lovers here and lost and children gone

And then to read between the lines

Upon the face our certainty of place

We leave without a trace


In the final coming down

When all is hushed and playgrounds closed

If you remain above

This soul that you have nourished thus

Shall linger by the gate

To softly wait

Until it’s time to there

Envelope you and safely walk you home

Judith L. Cleveland

c. 1990