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Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Writer
Photo by Linda Ross

Row Your Dorey Ore.mp3 Nova Scotia.mp3 The Reason and the Rhyme.mp3 Phantom Lady.mp3 Chester Summer Morning.mp3 Wind Off The Sea.mp3 Lazy Old River.mp3 Lost In The Fog.mp3 Lunenburg.mp3 Bluenose Won.mp3 The Empty SHell.mp3 The Widows Walk.mp3 Nova Scotian Rain.mp3 Disappearing Dunes.mp3 Hills of Nova Scotia.mp3

Produced by Tim Feswick At Feswick Productions Broad River, Nova Scotia
Songs 5 & 10 produced by Robbie Smith

All melodies, lyrics and lead vocals by Judi Cleveland

All songs SOCAN C 2011 Judi Cleveland

Illustration: Judi Cleveland, Photos: Linda Ross
Design: Warren Wagner