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Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Writer
Photo by Linda Ross

You might say I’m an accidental singer-songwriter, accidental, because I never intended to be, never thought I could be.  I simply stumbled midlife into songwriting while needing to cure a broken heart. As a child, I always longed to take singing lessons and learn to play the guitar but was not permitted because I didn’t practice the piano very well. Then, at age thirty-two, while canvassing for a charity, I encountered a guitar for sale for thirty dollars.  And so, flashing back to age seven and  hearing those indelible words of my piano teacher telling my mother “I’ll teach her if you want to pay me but the child has no music in her”,  that guitar and I simply fell in love…instantly, completely, accidentally …and that affair was to last a lifetime. I bought it within the hour and, as I held it as mine, I could feel my heart mending as if I held a seamstress of the soul. But, after three formal lessons proved to be as painful as my ten years of piano, I decided that, for me, music had to be fun or not at all. And so, being a writer of poetry, I began creating words to help me learn chord changes. To my amazement, folks enjoyed listening and encouraged me! After what seemed a lifetime of musical discouragement, I had finally found some music in me! I rejoiced for the muse and for whatever I could create.  Music has been the icing on my cake of life and, for this added dimension, I was, am and will be forever thankful. It gives me great pleasure to bring pleasure to others through my writing.

The sixth song I wrote was called “Lunenburg” and, through a series of events, it “accidentally” came to the attention of a local music teacher who arranged and transcribed it. The sheet music was sent to then television personality Noel Harrison (son of Rex) who performed it at Lunenburg’s 225th anniversary celebration, surprising me with praise in front of everyone. He told the crowd that this was not just “another town song” but was beautiful and should be used as the town’s anthem for such occasions. I was thrilled, nervous and overwhelmed…creating music was all so new to me then. To this day, decades later, that song is still performed at special events and music festivals held there. Each time it is used, I feel very honoured.

Shortly after that occasion, sheet music in hand, I visited my former piano teacher. I was excited to share with her what I had created. She seemed amazed as she studied the paper then sat before her piano. Together, on the same bench where frustration had been for so many years, we finally shared the “music in me”. The melody that had played in my brain poured out through her fingers. It was an incredible feeling, an unforgettable moment.  I suspect I might have been her only pupil to present her with an original composition. I had been her least shining star. For both of us, that day seemed bittersweet, a combination of pride and of, somehow, having missed each other’s boat.

But, from those simple beginnings, a musical journey has ensued that continues to surprise and thrill me to this day and, for all that has followed, I will always be grateful...............